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News: Watchmaking Masterclass at the Royal Exchange

Watchmaking is a dying art, and no doubt part of the reason behind its decline is the fact that it's not an easy career path to choose. An average mechanical watch movement contains around 150 parts (although more complicated watches can contain hundreds more), and working with such millimetre small components requires exceptional attention to detail and skill.

What's more, every luxury watch brand has their own set of strict techniques, procedures and tools that must be used when servicing their watches. The watchmakers at the Watchfinder service centre have to undergo rigorous training in order to earn accreditation to service the luxury timepieces that are bought and sold by Watchfinder.

Preserving this time-honoured profession is something that Watchfinder is committed to, and holding watchmaking masterclasses is just one of the ways in which Watchfinder is drawing public attention to this intriguing craft.

Nick Carvell

GQ's Nick Carvell talks watches with watchmaker Augustin Bourdin

On Monday 3rd October, one such masterclass took place between 12 and 2pm in the courtyard of the Royal Exchange, Mayfair, just outside the Watchfinder boutique. One of Watchfinder's senior watchmakers, Augustin Bourdin, demonstrated the expertise that it takes to be a brand-certified watchmaker, giving an audience of shoppers who stopped by to watch the chance to take a seat at the watchmaker's bench, take up the tools, and have a go at working with the intricacies of a watch movement.


Augustin Bourdin instructs on the complexities of watchmaking

Nick Carvell, Style Editor of GQ, also stopped by to watch Augustin at work, and was invited to fully construct an automatic chronograph movement, under the experienced watchmaker's careful guidance.

Shoppers had the opportunity to sign up to the Watchfinder 'Win a Rolex' competition, and got to take a closer look at some specially selected watches from the extensive Watchfinder collection, including pieces form Rolex, Panerai, IWC and Hublot.