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News: Batman Returns – Watches And Wonders 2021

Without telling anybody—using its colourful 2021 Watches and Wonders releases as a distraction—Rolex has brought back a fan favourite: the BLNR on an Oyster bracelet.

But hold on a minute, not only was the Oyster BLNR—or Batman as its widely known—seen accompanying the newer Jubilee version—dubbed the Batgirl—on the Rolex website, but a few other watches popped up unannounced too.

The first being the blue and red—Pepsi—bezel’d BLRO. “But doesn’t that watch already exist on a Jubilee bracelet?” I hear you ask. Why yes, yes it does—on a Jubilee. Rolex has snuck in a steel oyster version of the BLRO—a first for that particular colourway, in steel anyway.

The final watch that appeared on the Rolex site out of thin air is a Jubilee boasting Sky-Dweller. Personally, I prefer the Sky-Dweller on an Oyster bracelet, but hey, there is something for everyone these days.

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