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News: A Mechanical Painting For Your Wrist – The MB&F LMX

It’s been 10 years since MB&F released the first Legacy Machine. The LM1 featured a flying balance wheel, two time-zones and a vertical power reserve indicator—it was a watch that made us look at traditional watchmaking and think: “well, that’s a bit boring, isn’t it?” To mark the occasion of the LM1’s release all those years ago, MB&F has released this: the LMX—which Maximillian Büsser describes as “the LM1 on steroids”.

Just look at it…it’s a mechanical painting for your wrist. With the movement spread out like it is—with more details than a Monet—allow me to break the watch down for you. Let's start with the case. Available in either red gold or titanium, the case has a 44mm diameter, 2 crowns and—in true MB&F style—boasts a large domed crystal chosen to help accommodate all that is below it.

Sat upon a black or green dial—depending on the chosen model—are two 50° curved dials—each displaying an individually settable time-zone. Because the dials are set at an angle, the movement has conical gears to ensure a consistent transfer of energy between horizontal and vertical planes. Fun fact: the “MB&F” and “LMX” at 3 and 9 help the brain to know where 12 is—allowing the user to read the watch easier.

Moving away from the dials, we can see the escapement and seconds wheel—close to 6—and other components from the gear-train at 3 and 9. All these parts, however, are cast into shadow by the 13.4mm balance wheel which is suspended by a battle-axe-shaped polished bridge.

You might at this point have noticed a contraption at 12—that’s the power reserve. Yes, you heard right, the power reserve. Being that MB&F isn’t exactly the sort of brand to do things by half measures, this power reserve is 3-D and shows off the LMX’s impressive 7 days of power. But hold on a minute, not only is the power reserve 3-D—like the rest of the watch—it also rotates horizontally to show either a numbered or day reading of the power left in the watch.

Flipping over the watch reveals the parts of the movement that aren’t visible from the dial side. From the back, we can see the 3 barrels—which help the watch achieve its 7 days of power—and a few of the 41 jewels that make up this 18,000 vph watch.

So, there you have it: LMX—10 years of Legacy Machines in one watch. A true testament to the watchmaking ability and creativity of everyone at MB&F. The LMX does, however, make me think: what is next for Max Büsser and his friends?


Case | 18K Red Gold Or Grade 5 Titanium

Dimensions | 44mm Diameter x 21.4mm Height

Dial | Black On The Red Gold, Green On The Titanium

Crystal | Domed Sapphire Crystal

Movement | 3-D Horological Movement, Manual-Winding

Frequency | 18,800 vph

Power Reserve | 7 days

Strap | Alligator Leather Strap - Black On The Red Gold, Grey On The Titanium

Functions | Minutes, Hours, Power Reserve, Dual Time-Zone

RRP | CHF 98,000 Titanium, CHF 112,000 Red Gold

Limited Edition | Yes, 18 Red Gold, 33 Titanium