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Grand Seiko Unveils Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon At W&W

Grand Seiko released their first tourbillon as late as 2020 and now they’ve followed it up with this exquisite piece, the Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon, an open-work masterpiece embodying the very best of Grand Seiko’s ingenuity and refinement.

An industry first, it features an innovative movement that combines a tourbillon and a constant-force mechanism as one unit on a single axis, providing an accuracy unprecedented for the Japanese brand.

As well as its unique appearance, it also serves up an audible treat, with a carefully designed sound that’s unlike any other watch.

As you’d expect, the manual-wind movement can also be seen through the sapphire case back, revealing a constellation of rubies and striping on the bridges. This is Grand Seiko at its very finest, proving that when it comes to premium luxury watches, the Swiss and Germans don't have it all their own way.

The Grand Seiko Kodo will be available only as a limited edition of twenty pieces in October 2022.

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