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Feature: Can You Guess Which Stars Love Their Breitling Watch?

Ever wondered what your favourite people from film and TV, sport and even aviation wear on their wrists? We have—and that’s why we decided to do a little digging to find out which famous faces are fans of Breitling timepieces and what specific models they wear.

Charlize Theron

The South African native survived a tough upbringing to go on to conquer Hollywood by becoming one of the most renowned actresses around today. But her work doesn’t stop there, Theron is also a director, model and philanthropist. Her Breitling of choice is a stunning gem-set Chronomat Automatic 36—reflecting her own versatility and chic style.

Brad Pitt

Hollywood royalty and certified heartthrob, Brad Pitt, is a fan of a trusty Breitling and if that doesn’t convince you of the watchmaker, then we don’t know what will. Rocking a reliable Navitimer 8, Pitt has opted for a watch that for over 65 years has remained the one of the world’s most reliable chronographs.

Stephanie Gilmore

Australian surfer extraordinaire Stephanie Gilmore has won seven World Titles and began a swift takeover of the sport during her rookie season, starting back in 2007. Gilmore’s Breitling of choice is, of course, a Superocean. She has opted for the Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise in a pretty green shade that encompasses the dial, bezel and the matching leather strap.

Adam Driver

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars from the past few years is Adam Driver. From playing Vader wannabe, Kylo Ren—in the newest Star Wars trilogy—to appearing alongside Lady Gaga in this year’s upcoming release, House of Gucci, Driver is certainly a versatile actor able to take on any role. His watch of choice, then, is a Navitimer 8 much like fellow actor, Brad Pitt.

Scott Kelly

From the stars of Hollywood to, well … actual stars—you know, those balls of gas you see in the night sky? Scott Kelly has mingled among those very things. As an astronaut, he spent an entire year observing Earth from outer space in the International Space Station with his Breitling Avenger in tow.

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