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Feature: 5 discontinued watches we wish made a comeback

There’s no denying that when something is difficult to get hold of you find yourself wanting it even more than before—and this certainly applies to watches too. With brands regularly discontinuing models from their catalogues, there are a tonne of great watches out there that you can now only buy pre-owned, but what are these great watches? To answer that question we’ve rounded up five that we wish were still in production today.

Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph

The Turn-O-Graph is somewhat of an underappreciated model from Rolex; as to why, we’re not so sure. Part of the Datejust range, the Turn-O-Graph offered a chic timepiece that featured a bi-directional rotating bezel, making it perfect for those into sport. Discontinued just over ten years ago in 2011, this is a Rolex model that may not have fans en masse but it’s certainly one that turns the heads of collectors worldwide.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Patek Philippe shocked the watch world last year when it announced it would discontinue one of its most sought-after watches, the Nautilus 5711. This is a model that has wait times of a whopping ten years on average. So why discontinue a fan favourite? Well, there are rumours suggesting a new 6711 is on the way, however, we’ve been waiting a while to see if this is true. For now, the wait continues…

Omega Dynamic

This reference was introduced back in the 1990s making it a vintage watch today. The large numerals and three pushers on the bezel make it reminiscent of typical pilot watches. The Dynamic III line was an entry-level piece from Omega and drew on old models created by the brand for the British military during World War II.

Tudor Black Bay Rose

Nicknamed the “smiley dial” and famed for its Tudor Rose logo instead of the brand’s recent shield, the 2012 rose Black Bay is a desired model among Tudor fans—sadly for them, it was discontinued in 2016. The smiley dial has become incredibly sought-after thanks to these aesthetic differences, appealing to the vintage lovers out there.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Navy SEALs Diving Alarm

As in the name, this JLC model was purpose-built for US Navy servicemen and women. Coming in a gigantic 44mm wide case and featuring water resistance of 300m, as well as boasting a unique alarm-based movement that can be heard underwater, this is a watch that’s certainly poised for action—just as you’d expect from looking at it.

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