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Buying a mechanical watch is all about joining an exclusive club of enthusiasts that appreciate the finer qualities of micro engineering. But that membership can become even more exclusive with the purchase of a limited edition. Limited edition watches come in all shapes and sizes, and at all price levels. They can be intentionally limited - such as a numbered production run - or reduced in numbers over the years, leaving few remaining. Whichever you choose, you will be happy in the knowledge that very few examples of your watch exist in the world.

The most extreme examples of the limited edition are the unique pieces very occasionally produced by watchmakers, such as the Patek Philippe 5004T. This watch was the only version of the 5004 with a titanium case, and sold at auction for over €5million. Another example is the Rolex 'Double Red' Sea-Dweller, an early version of Rolex's iconic diver. The rarity and historical significance of the Double Red ensures that it fetches over £25,000 more than its more common cousin.

Omega James Bond Edition Watch

Being on the wrist of James Bond has inspired Omega to create limited-edition pieces based around the franchise

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Showing Items 1 - 40 of 278

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