Watch Servicing and Repairs

A mechanical watch contains on average 150 parts, some of which experience high forces on a continuous basis. To keep the performance of your watch at its best, it will need to be regularly serviced: usually every three to five years. If you’re unsure about when your watch needs servicing or have a problem with your watch that needs repairing, we can help. Our state-of-the-art manufacturer-certified service centre is equipped with the best tools and personnel to assist with the service of your watch. We can undertake:

  • Watch servicing
  • Watch repairs and refurbishment
  • Watch battery replacements

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The Watch Servicing Process
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The Watch Servicing Centre

Watchfinder Service Centre


Our 350m2 watch servicing centre is located an hour outside of London and boasts expert watchmakers and technicians working with manufacturer-approved machinery and tools. The centre is equipped with stripping, re-finishing, cleaning and re-assembly facilities to make sure every watch that comes to us is returned to its best possible performance and appearance.

Every watch service, repair, refurbishment and battery replacement is followed by testing for accuracy, efficiency and water resistance, ensuring that each watch falls within the manufacturer’s specified tolerance before being returned to its owner.

The Watch Servicing Team
Tony Williams - Watchmaker

Tony Williams

Technical Director

Tony Williams has dedicated his life to watchmaking, amassing over twenty years’ experience since his apprenticeship with Rolex. Before joining Watchfinder, he managed the watchmakers at Breitling in his role as Head Watchmaker. His experience and attention to detail ensure the work done at Watchfinder's service centre is second to none.

Alex Elston - Watchmaker

Alex Elston


Alex is part of the next generation of watchmakers coming onto the scene. Starting his apprenticeship with Breitling in 2006, Alex trained to become a watchmaker over the next eight years, starting in the polishing room and working up to the watchmaker’s bench. He joined Watchfinder & Co. in 2014 as a production watchmaker.

Sarah-Jane King - Watchmaker

Sarah-Jane King


A new generation of watchmakers is growing through Watchfinder & Co.’s servicing facility. Sarah-Jane is an example of the burgeoning interest in mechanical watchmaking, and has learned her craft from Head Watchmaker Tony Williams. Sarah-Jane has progressed in her training through standard mechanical movements and is moving on to complications.

Trevor Pilkington - Watchmaker

Trevor Pilkington


Trevor's half-century long career spans virtually the full spectrum of positions at Rolex, starting out as an apprentice and working his way through the ranks to become UK Technical Manager, a role he upheld for eighteen years. He has always been hands-on, even while supervising hundreds of watchmakers around the UK, and his love for watches and Rolex in particular is unparalleled.

Owen Fortt - Watchmaker

Owen Fortt


Owen comes to Watchfinder having worked at Rolex for no less than 18 years, having also completed his apprenticeship with the brand, and having spent 2 years running the Bond Street service centre of retailer WEMPE, where he was trained by the world’s leading Swiss manufacturers. Owen also has experience in setting up prestigious service centres both in the UK and abroad.

Joni Sundman - Watchmaker

Joni Sundman


Joining the Watchfinder service centre as a graduate from the Watchmaking School in Finland, Joni Sundman is working closely with Technical Director Tony Williams in order to increase his talents even further. Under the expert guidance of this experienced tutor, Joni is displaying a remarkable ability and aptitude to learn, and is striving to develop into a fine production watchmaker.

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